Error #01.5_09c7a
Got error 28 from storage engine
SELECT s.*, f.id_story as is_favorite, t.id_story as is_tomorrow, as size_id, as size_name, if (avg(r.rating), round(avg(r.rating), 1), s.rating) as rating from fb_story s left join fb_story__favorite f on = f.id_story and f.id_kid = '0' left join fb_story__tomorrow t on = t.id_story and t.id_kid = '0' left join fb_story__rating r on = r.id_story left join fb_tags tag on tag.id_attribute=4 and (s.size >= tag.tech_from and s.size <= tag.tech_to) where ( = '0' or s.alias="folklor-koschei-bessmertnii") and s.status = 1 group by limit 20;